Friday, August 21, 2009

Have Two, Call Me in the Morning

After a long day, I'd say one of these is in order.

After two days in the car with your closest loved ones, however misguided the road trip, I'd say two of these is a requirement.

We saddled up to the bar at the Union Oyster House in Boston. We ordered clams and oysters. We channeled Daniel Webster.

When called for dinner, we ended up here... in JFK's favorite booth.

I recall the drink, the clams and the lobster while cooped up in my office or having the following argument...

Kid: why must I wear a bike helmet?
Me: Because thousands of people every year lose one or more of their faculties when conking their skulls on the curb, oak trees or parked cars.
Kid: I am very careful.
Me: Tough. I like all of your intact faculties. Wear the helmet.
Kid: No one else wears a helmet and I look like a dork.
Me: Your brother wears a helmet.
Kid: You hate me. I want a cell phone.

Oh Waiter......


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Those drinks oughta come in bigger glasses...I'm just sayin'

(and great to have you back!)

JBA said...

Thanks Teri. It's good to be back.

GreyArea said...

Once had an exchange with a bicycle shop owner who was trying to sell me on purchasing a helmet (which I already had in hand, ready to purchase). He wanted to tell me a story to emphasize the importance of wearing one.

He tells me, "You know, there's a guy who comes in here every year to buy a new helmet. You see, he was riding on the path by Lake Shore Drive when a car jumped the curb and hit him, crushing his head between the bumper and a guardrail. He has a plate in his skull. He was smart before but now he's real slow. So he always gets a new helmet every year to make sure it's still good."

I replied, concerned, "So he wasn't wearing a helmet when he was hit?"

"Oh no, he was wearing a helmet. Otherwise he'd be dead."

I narrowed my eyes at him and regarded him for a few moments.

"You need to work on your sales pitch."

JBA said...

Sales pitch, indeed! I think I'll keep that story from Peter...although I think he reads this when I'm not looking...