Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love, Exciting & New

Avert your eyes. This is us on vacation. Aren't we sweet? It's a small miracle that no one was thrown from a precipice today. There's always tomorrow.
I made the boys pop a squat on the sand for some pictures. This is how it went.
Me: I want to take your picture on the beach. Sit here.
Them: No. That's dumb. You know what we look like.
Me: Not for long.
Them: We don't care. Pictures are stupid.
Me: I can wait here until dark. You choose.
Obviously we didn't wait until dark. Aren't they sweet?

For this picture at the Fort in St Augustine I said, Hey stand in that door way for your picture. They were trying to make me look like a fool. It worked. Aren't they wonderful?

At the end of all of it, there's the peaceful lapping of waves on the beach. The waves wear the shells down to dust over several million years. Just like my children are doing to me, however it's taken a mere 13 years. Surely that makes me lucky.
Until tomorrow....

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Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

yes, irritating like sand in your bathing suit, but still a sweet memory in it's own way.