Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Squash

A&P were about the size of a summer squash when they were born- together. Separately, probably the size of a couple of large sweet potatoes.

Then they got big. So big, I can't really compare them to food anymore.

Big enough that they could pack their stuff into over sized bags and go away on a bus for two weeks.

Eeek. I need a moment.

OK, I'm back.
Then, it's off on their adventure, see ya, thanks for the memories, can I have some more cash, later gator, outa here, ta-ta, TTFN, blow a kiss, gone Daddy gone. Gone.

I need a moment. And a sedative.

OK, I'm back.

Here's the link for you grandparent types that might want to know where A&P are spending the next 10 days. They're in Subcamp 13 (Ohio and West Virginia), Troop 1324 to be exact.

So there's the story. They were born the size of a squash, they got big and then they stepped on a bus and went away to the 100th Anniversary Boy Scout Jamboree. I'm just positively speechless.
I would like to point out that in every single picture, Andrew is on the left!


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

I think you need a Root Beer Float, made with Captain Morgans Spiced Rum and Ben & Jerry's Cherry don't need a pill!

Melissa Wardy said...

I like when Andrew is on the left. It is one of those comforting constants, like the evening news broadcasters voice, or my dad reading the paper while Jay Leno is on in the background. Andrew on the left.

Also, your kids are now the size of those freakishly huge pumpkins the big bottomed farm ladies bring to the county fair.

JBA said...

Teri, you, me, my deck 5:00. Be there.

Melissa, you just durn crack me up. I like it when Andrew is on the left also. It makes me feel like Rainman.