Monday, August 2, 2010

Boy Scouts and Girlfriends

I found my boys at that giant Boy Scout jamboextravaxecellentcy.
I also found some very fabulous butterflies in the gardens at Mount Vernon.
And I found some super fabulous girlfriends, right under my nose. Just like butterflies, if you slow down long enough and shut the yammering skull cave for a minute or two, the gals appear from the nicest places.

I can't explain what happened here. Peter either got very large or the rest of us got very small. My eyeballs are at his bottom lip. Seriously, this is NOT OK.
On the upside, Andrew is on the left so that part of the universe is still completely under my control.
It's hard to see but the t-shirt is a Breast Cancer Awareness shirt created by super fantastic cousin Missy and is worn in honor of my very fabulous gal Cathy S- super fierce, always beautiful and walking last weekend to raise money for research. She is awesome. You probably know someone exactly like her and you should donate your time or energy and maybe both to fighting this disease with Cathy.
Back to the butterflies, I am the luckiest person ever.
I am sending you some giggling, a good deal or two, and in honor of a now deceased blogger I stole this from,
Love, love, love.
Just because

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