Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Letter to #54

Dear #54:

How's it going out there on that field? Things are probably not as good in the stands as you might think, so I  thought I'd fill you in on the fact that you playing football  FREAKS ME OUT BEYOND ALL REASON.
Here's the thing- I don't know where this football thing came from. One day it was like "Hey I want to play football" and I was like "Oh OK." (because I am dumber than a box of hammers at a rock throwing contest.)  I even asked your brother "Hey what's with this football thing, do you want to play too?" Without hesitation, Andrew bellowed  "ARE YOU KIDDING, I MIGHT BE SMUSHED LIKE A ROTTEN EGGPLANT!" 
So far you haven't been squished like a champagne grape in some linebacker's toes. But today you got knocked around a bit here and there and it reminded me when I let you roll off of the ottoman when you were a baby- it freaked me out but you were sufficiently squishy that it didn't cause permanent damage.

I'm not brave like Gage's mom. I'm a big chicken and I don't even know what to cheer for. I guess it's good when people get mowed down like bowling pins, but I'd rather you stayed upright. And, it's got to be better for your brain and the math homework to stay in an upright-y type position. Should I call the coach?

Anyway, you looked good out there- at least from what I could see between my fingers since I was covering my eyes and trying not to scream like a girl.

Love Mom


Heidi said...

I just joined blogger and came across your blog. I really enjoy reading it as I just had a little boy of my own. THis post was especially entertaining ;) Keep writing and I will keep reading. Have a great day!

Yesi V. said...

I really enjoy how you write...entertaining & funny...I have a boy myself, and I feel the same way!...i would send him off everyday of his life wrapped in Bubble-wrap! ...I guess that's not an option, specially that he's almost as tall as me...that might not work out so well!...
Just started my own blog and was kinda surfing for ideas ...
As Heidi said: keep writing & I too will keep reading...
Thanks! Yesi :)