Monday, February 16, 2009

My Favorite Vehicle, Feet

My pal Sparky over on My Thoughts Exactly got me thinking about vehicles, modes of transportation or whatever moves things when she tagged me on her post. I certainly meant to post before now, but time flies and the blog sits stagnant even though we're running around, day in and and out, like a bunch of bargain hunters at a half price yard sale just when it's starting to drizzle.

Regardless, the challenge is to name your favorite vehicle or some such thing and since I have the best of times on my feet, I'll share my podiatric memories here.

My feet are of average size and disposition. They manage to cram into pointy toed shoes on occasion, mostly when I'm trying to be taller than everyone else and cougar fierce. I like my hiking sandals the best and so do the feet.

These feet ran after my ornery boy when he was trying to go pick up leaves in the street.

These feet climbed to the top of Harney Peak in South Dakota to listen to the wind and the deafening sound of silence.

I got married with my feet jammed into little white shoes.

Jammed into saddle stirrups, my feet kept me from taking a header off of a spirited horse who was rapidly sinking into spring mud in the Tetons.

My toes dangled over the edge of the Grand Canyon.

The feet carried me to far away chalets deep in the mountains of Montana and to the top of mountain peaks where the goats climb.

My toes dipped into the oceans and splashed the waves in the Great Lakes. My feet even carried me back to a cabin on Lake Michigan when I got lost when I was 9.

Feet are handy on a bicycle.

Feet are noteworthy for standing when doing any of the following:
  • Hollering from the driveway to no one in particular "DINNER!"
  • Digging up weeds and other stuff
  • Flinging laundry
  • Twisting and spinning around in circles until you are dizzy
  • Employing the tippy-toes for the top of the Christmas tree
  • Giving bear hugs
  • Running away from anything with teeth, that is drooling and licking its lips, while looking at me like I might be dinner (for example, the Big Bad Wolf or any type of Bear, regardless of brown or black)
  • Cheering, screaming and otherwise acting like a side-line fool during any of A&P's sporting event
  • Occasional stamping, stomping and other sundry activities that might be associated with a good, old-fashioned temper tantrum. Yes, I still have these.
  • Creeping down the hall and pretending to be the tooth fairy
  • Dancing as only a white girl can (or cannot)

As Annie sang in her orphanage; FEET, GLORIOUS FEET! Wait, that might have been about food... Never mind.


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

That's a good answer! I like my feet too (I love to go for walks).
BTW, do you have 'monkey toes'? My husband does. He can pick up nearly anything with his toes. Creeeepppy. ha ha
Thanks for participating. :o) ♥ ∞

JBA said...

No monkey toes but I have the long second toe- I guess if you're of Celtic origin you have the long toe. I think this also why I'd like to be a Druid... ;)