Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can You Repeat That?

On the way home from music lessons last night...

Kid: I think I will be reincarnated.
Me: OK, Bhuddist are we?
Kid: I'm coming back as a bumblebee. A bumblebee named Roger.
Me: Roger? I'm not sure that bees have regular people names.
Other Kid: That's just dumb. You die and you're done. Don't you listen in church?
Me: By done, you don't mean done...
Other Kid: Right, heaven.
Kid: I've decided to be Buddhist and I'm coming back.
Me: Something to atone for? Like the towel in a wad on the bathroom floor?
Other Kid: I'll get it right the first time.
Me: You're even worse with the towel. If anyone's coming back, it's you.
Other Kid: That hurts. Can I have a cell phone?
Me: Seriously. I giveth and I taketh away. And your grades need improvement by Thursday.
Other Kid: I'll get them up. You have no faith in me.
Me: That's ridiculous.
Kid: Roger won't have to worry about cell phones or homework. Did you know they have Prince Charles in a can?
Me: What did you say?
Kid: Prince Charles in a can. You call someone and you say...
Me: You mean Prince Albert.
Kid: Oh.

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