Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yep, Still Around

I'm not trapped under a rock. My feet are not frozen in a puddle two arms lengths away from my computer. I have some excuses for leaving you high and dry since last Monday. Would you like to hear them?

I have this really crazy job where I fire people all the time. It's pretty draining, but I get to fly all over the place and I'm looking forward to receiving my super triple lithium MasterCard. So, I've been pretty busy.... oh wait. That's "Up in the Air."

OK, truly, we took in a high school student and he needs some extra help with his football plays. I'm good at knowing about football because I follow the SEC. Luckily my husband owns a string of Taco Bells so I never have to cook and I can spend my time with our new family member. So, I've been pretty busy...oh wait. That's "The Blindside."

OK, now I won't fib. I promise. I work in a big building and I have a really great boss and a great staff of writers. But none of these people can do anything on their own and we have a production schedule so I toil day and night in my office, but I'm still looking for love. Hold on.... That's "30 Rock."

Perhaps I haven't blogged because I've been up too late at night watching award shows. But then there's the laundry and the kids that came home on Sunday after not freezing to death at Camp Frozen Fritzel that past weekend. I washed their coats three times and they still smell like a camp fire. I think they rolled in the fire pit. Washing the same thing takes time away from washing my own stuff and holy cow, I really need a wife.

And then Peter got some of his braces yesterday and we had Boy Scouts. I have to follow Peter around to make sure he does his chores because he's incapable of setting aside 34 seconds to make his bed. Surely there is a merit badge for "Do It You Dang Self or Yo Mama dun sellin' you to gypsies."

Somehow no one is making a movie about any of this stuff.

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