Monday, February 1, 2010


March? I know it's February, probably my favorite month. We've got the groundhog and A&P's birthday and Valentine's Day and my nephew's birthday and sometimes the 29th. What could be better?

March, I suppose. But, I have to confess, I have no idea why.

I got to work this morning, groggy as ever, on a midwinter's Monday morning, Toledo, Ohio. I'd had some coffee and I was la-la-ing through my morning. I made it into my office and switched on my computer and there was a note. Mind you, this note is in my handwriting. So unless my evil twin Refinnej has been wandering around again, I'm pretty sure the note is from "last week me"to "this week me." Apparently LWM really wanted to tell TWM that March was important. Hmmmm. TWM is totally stumped.

LWM could mean the month of March or maybe I'm supposed to practice my fierce "I'm at work" march or some such thing.

LWM even underlined the word March two times- and rather emphatically at that.

I'm so screwed. Is someone coming to visit in March? Am I supposed to turn in a fantastic proposal for world domination in March? Am I arranging a kidnapping of a competitor in March?
No clue. If you see me highstepping and singing along in a tune vaguely reminiscent of Sousa, you'll know exactly why. Or not.

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