Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thou Shalt Not!

This great big world is fraught with peril. Lots of different kinds of perilous things can befall us at any time and I'm not talking about rocks being dropped by roadrunners. I am talking about turning your back for a few minutes and stuff happens. E-gads! How does it happen?

We've had some snow. With snow, there are snow days. With snowdays, there are bound to be a few offspring left unattended out there. One would think that said offspring could be left home alone without short circuiting the dishwasher or eating 4 gallons of ice cream.

So, I have this "friend." This "friend" has twins the same age as mine. Imagine that. So, the "friend" goes to work for a few hours leaving the carbon copied offspring home alone. Everything seems to be fine with my friend and her offspring until the "friend's husband" figures out that someone, we' won't name names, has been downloading interesting applications onto the brand new IPod. The "friend's" kid, really, really, really wanted the IPod. Was it for music? The excitement of google searches for homework? My "Friend" is kind of dumb.

The interesting applications are all BOOBS. Yes, you read that correctly- BOOBS. Free Boobs. Boobs for boobs. Boobs for people wanting to look at boobs. Seriously? My "friend" has died 1,000 deaths since finding the Boob-a-liscious applications.

I made my "friend" a martini- or twelve- and then gave her some advice about locking down network access to BOOB sites. My "friend's husband" had a conversation or two about the objectification of women who are dumb enough to put their boobs on boob sites.

My "friend's" kid is a good kid who likes boobs. Wow. I'm going to bed.

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