Friday, January 9, 2009

Camp Frozen Cojones

Their bags are packed. They're ready to go- and I didn't sleep a wink. It is 17 degrees here this morning.

Peter wore a short sleeve shirt to school today.

"I don't want to be warm, Mom. Duh, I'm practicing being cold."

For this excursion, appropriately named Camp Alaska, they have to pack everything they need and carry it in one trip (except the water thank GOODNESS because that is really heavy. Even heavier than the 400 wool socks I tried to jam in the backpacks and was thwarted. 5 pairs is apparently enough.) This includes their food and Peter is planning a hot dog extravaganza including buns that he is packing carefully at the top of his gear. My job today is to get him Ketchup packets from MacDonald's. He even has a plan to boil the packets along with the hotdogs in case they freeze. I suppose he could SLEEP with the ketchup packets. Andrew is planning a menu of oatmeal, Slim Jim and Ramen noodles.

Last night after work I ran into the little hardware store in town to pick up rope for tying tarps to trees or whatever it is that they will do. I walked in and barked, without realizing it,


The owner laughed at me and asked if the day had really been that bad.

So, when we go out for Thai food tonight, A&P will trudging through the snow and setting up their shelters in the dark and the cold. Shelters of tarps and clothes line and sticks and snow. If I wasn't married to a prosecutor I'd be concerned about someone charging me with abuse. If this is fun, why is that I keep the house at 68 degrees and pay the gas bill and the mortgage?

"Golly Mom," Peter said as he headed out to the bus a few minutes ago. "We'll totally survive." Yes, but with all of your digits?


Anonymous said...

Kids will continue to surprise you as long as you/they live, I have discovered.

Keep warm and dry. g'pa b

Teri said...

...practicing to be cold, boiling frozen ketchup...boldly going where no mankid has gone before...your blog makes me smile and be happy I am an auntie to some wonderful boys and just mommy to my cats.

Love your blog!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

bernthis said...

I'm lucky we live in Southern California as my kid NEVER wears a coat and yes, believe it or not, it can get cold here.

Cynthia said...

I'm waiting to see what happens. Don't leave us on a cliff hanger!
(Really, they will be fine, cold but fine...99.9% chance.)

Cynthia said...

BTW I know that mom's worry about the .01% I know I do!

Just B said...

They totally will survive, the question is will you?!!

I bet they would notice if you stopped paying the heating bill--eventually.

JBA said...

Oh, they survived all right!