Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Dad

Yes, a day or two, or three, late. But, sometimes you have to just go with what works and today, I can write. Yesterday, I had my head in the oven.

So, here's our day. I'm making a few assumptions- like money is no object and we have access to that cool private plane I used to fly on which is probably grounded due to the economy.

NEVERTHELESS, we rock for your birthday in the following ways:

  • Breakfast at Das Essenhaus. You'll probably drink some coffee and may have some sausage gravy. I'll have some coffee too. Adam and Matthew will have pancakes. Matthew will eat 52 pancakes and then barf in the parking lot. Mom will be pretty grossed out.

  • Because we're suspending space and time, after breakfast we'll hop in the kayaks and zip down to the bridge and back. The sun will be shining and it will be warm, like it was a couple of years ago at Thanksgiving. We're just going to pretend it's not January!

  • We'll putter around then change clothes and head for the lake. We'll put the Thistle in the water without any hollering. Matthew won't mess anything up and we'll win all the races by huge margins. Dick Otter will be eating our wake. I'm pretty sure we'll win a few trophies.

  • We'll stop by a brew pub for a few brewskies and some snacks. But, we can't stay long because we have to get home for german chocolate cake and presents.

  • We'll still make you grill your own dinner because you're good at it. We'll have a beer while we're waiting. It's always happy hour somewhere.

  • After cake and singing and pretending the years aren't really passing, we'll watch some basketball.

A great day indeed. I hope it was happy and sorry this is a few days late! Love you lots, always and forever. A gal couldn't ask for a better Dad.


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

That was sweet ... it was almost like we were all having German chocolate cake and some scrumptious grilled beast with beer. YUM! Thanks for letting us in on the festivities. Happy Birthday JBA's Dad!! May you have many, more more. ♥ ∞

Anonymous said...

That was very nice. Thank you. I liked the part about Matthew barfing.


Barry said...

Geeze, I wonder if I can talk my wife into getting me this for my birthday? (Well, sans Matthew barfing, of course.)

HeatherPride said...

How sweet! Happy B-day to Dad!

Teri said...

Ahh, I almost felt like I was there with you! What a fun, imaginative, lovefest of a birthday! What more could a Dad wish for!

I have a wonderful recipe for a drink called a German Chocolate Cake. I'll try and post it on my Mewsings Blog today, just for your Dad!

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