Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Universe: According to Shane & Connie

I received an email from a friend today introducing me to her husband's blog, Duts, Duts and Gonuts. She has one too for her photography business. I've known these folks for a long time, but only recently reconnected. Who knew we shared the same blogosphere?

After I read Shane's story about his experiences in Iraq, coming home, his family and Connie, I couldn't think of anything to say that was more important than sharing this with you.

Going back to work this week has been tough on my writing. (For some reason I can only type profanity and its hard to type and balance the vodka on my lap.) I can't write about work, too salacious and too fraught with the peril of accidentally revealing something competitive. But this week, that's where my mind is occupied.

So while I slay some dragons, please enjoy Connie and Shane's blogs. Please be sure to read this posting by Shane. It's a beautiful thing in this great big wide universe of blogs.


shane said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the read- funny how some times it takes something exceptional to put the world into perspective. You can balance the check book tomorrow; another promotion will come along some day; the library books can wait- but never pass up an opportunity to love your family, those moments can't be recaptured.

Come back and read more some of my stuff will hopefully make you laugh. shane

Cynthia said...

Sweet post ... a man who knows who he is ...and why. Good luck adjusting to your return to work...reading that makes you just want to leave the work pressure, stay home and take care of your family.

The Pink Cowboy said...

This bloggy universe is a process. Sometimes I put to much pressure on myself to write about something interesting and I freeze. For me it's not about the great and momentuous occasions of your life but the little things, the daily stuff that is really your most human life. Enjoy reading your posts. I'll come back soon.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Wooooork? What's that? I'm retired now. [yeah, rub it in] :o)

That's OK. We don't want you revealing any State's secrets or anything! It's hard to blog from jail. I've balanced many things at one time in accounting. [pun intended] Oh, also put out a lot of fires when the over paid Exec's couldn't scratch their behinds and think at the same time.

Excuse me, my well iced beer is about to fall over ... [lol] :o) ♥ ∞