Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hello from the BlogHouse

Who knew that the Obama administration would not only bring an end to top secret prisons, night drops of discarded prisoners onto lonely Lithuanian mountain tops, wacky language modifications and late night comedic fodder and instead would usher in a daily blog post? I did note with some amusement that the blog got off to a strong start early in the week and so far today, nary a word. Perhaps the White House is finding what many bloggers do- lots of early excitement followed by the inevitable let down of obligation until the blogging groove settles in. Surely with the move to the big house and eight years of administrative unraveling there's not much time left over for thought-provoking presidential posting.

To help them out, below please find my list of blog topics:
  • The Brother band most beloved by the pre-teen presidential daughters- Naked or Jonas
  • The search for the bathroom key
  • How to bust open the secret compartment of the Resolute desk in 20 seconds or less
  • Presidential dining foibles- what is that third fork for anyway?
  • Inaugural Balls throughout history- how many is too many?
  • Icelandic diplomacy- do they warm up after vodka shots?
  • Pranks on Air Force One
  • Favorite calls to Bush asking stupid questions
  • Blue ties are for Presidents- must socks match the pants and other fashion rules for impressing the world
  • Oprah's on speed-dial but I can't get a seat on her favorite things show and other things that bother the White House about celebrities

I am raising my glass to a new administrative openness, freedom of speech and a restored retirement account balance. Given the gravity of the task, I guess I can wait a day or two for the posting.


Teri said...

Can I get a Yeah for the restored retirement account balance! increase in the retirement account! And I'll raise a glass to anything...I'm having Sweet Vermouth with my Pizza granny!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

JBA said...

Vermouth? I won't allow that in my house. It's all vodka baby!

HeatherPride said...

Ha! Great post! Yes, I think we all go through that blogging angst until we get settled into our groove.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Your posts are always so much fun.

I know I'm trying to refrain from political posts irregardless of the outcome. I DO care, I just don't care specifically at the moment. The Great Unwashed wanted their Rock Star and they got one. 4 years of failures and false starts will speak louder than words.

Post about the bathroom key. That should take our collective minds off 'things'. And I've always wanted to send for my 'things'. ha ha (The Rum has kicked in ... oh yeah!) LOL ♥ ∞

Stacy said...

Our new president is way too cool. The US has a blog. That's so awesome.

Dave said...

I want my two dollars!

Cynthia said...

Enjoying your post! Good recommendations...

Connie Groah said...

Love your list! Hysterical! If only...

Kurt Young said...

Per my kids, the experts on such issues, It's so the Jonas Brothers and getting the desk open is so easy, please consult Dr. Gates and Mr. Poole's definite work on the subject - National Treasure Book of Secrets.