Monday, April 20, 2009

A Post About Nothing in Particular

I had about five different ideas for a post tonight. None of them are cultivating in my brain to any extent that would result in sentences or complete thoughts. Lots of stuff is brewing at the office- interesting- I unfortunately don't work in a brewery. Here are some synaptic snippets:

  • Two pairs of baseball shoes (I'm told they're called cleats), 4 pairs of baseball socks, some pants, some special underwear and I guess two boys are ready for baseball season.
  • I leave my best self behind at work, I think. I am nearly always on my best behavior there and I get a lot done most days. At home, none of us are on our best behavior and we don't get anything done. We do manage to eat dinner together. I actually lit the candles.
  • Endings are usually beginnings. Windows open when doors close.
  • I had a dream the other night that someone important was trying to tell me to do something that needed to be done, but I wasn't listening. I hope I listen better than this when I'm awake.
  • The very strong willed child who berates me in public for not buying the chocolate donuts is of stern character and will not live with me after he graduates from college due to his fervent independence.

Finally, Alas, Poor Henry! What of poor Henry. He had relatives here. One donated land that founded a church, but no one wrote anything of Henry, dead at 10 in 1852. It might have been cholera. I'm on the case.


Anonymous said...

I believe that something you were to do was to send a gorgeous polka dot blancho to Audrey!

Poor Henry - stay on the case. You have us all curious!

JBA said...

You didn't get your blancho? Good thing it's spring!

willow said...

There's nothing I love better than a good genealogical mystery to solve! I've been working on several myself for the last ten years or so.

Thanks for stopping by WM! I think I've seen you around the bloggyhood somewhere.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Don't give up on Henry. It can take some time with a 1852 mystery. BTW, have you tried the courthouse yet? Even if Ohio didn't have birth / death certificates that era, there can be court documents. Henry might have been mentioned in Orphan court or something like that.

(Note: Forgive me if you know this already, but pre-women's rights, if a husband died, the wife was not only a widow but the children were considered "orphan" and had to be raised by another court appointed man, usually a relative.)

D├ędalus said...

I like very much the title of the post... althought about nothing to be always about something.

Regards from Spain.

(Sorry, JBA: my English is not good.)

JBA said...

Hi Willow! Thanks for the visit to my corner of blogville. I don't have a resident ghost like you do, just poor Henry!

Sparky, I don't think I knew that about orphans- but it make sense (in a twisted antebellum kind of way!). I think you're right, a visit to the court house may be in order. My husband is there everyday, I wonder if I can convince him to do some digging.

JBA said...

Dedalus, you did just fine. Thanks for the visit!