Friday, April 17, 2009

All the News from Blogburg

It was a quiet week here in Blogburg, except for all the times it wasn't. I haven't posted in a week, I guess nothing was as newsworthy as the crazy squirrel.

A&P were gone again all week- at camp. (Last week they were away on Spring Break.) They have returned with their laundry, but only for about 4 hours. They head out again tonight for a Boy Scout adventure at the nuclear power plant of all places. I'm sure they'll have lots to tell us about atomic energy, and maybe a handsome green glow, upon their return.

I ran into my dance partner. He wasn't mortified to see me. I think the dance actually helped my career, not only because I did not fall on my butt, but because now he will never, ever, ever forget who I am. For some strange reason he had a hard time remembering who I was before. After a few bars of "Love Shack", he'll think of me always, as disturbing as that would be.

I have a few new friends over to the right, golly I mean left, of the page. (Never have been good with the right or left thing.) Certainly nice to meet you all and I'll make my way over to see you as soon as I get out from under this pile of muddy, 6th grade boy, camp laundry.

For the newbies, there's nothing too extraordinary about me or this blog other than the rate at which I can swill martinis. I am also a good typist, cattle wrangler and snake handler. Ok, the last one was a lie.

Lastly, I have a bit of a mystery on my hands. I've put on my Nancy Drew pencil skirt and my thinking cap. She could always solve everything in 20 short chapters. I'm not that much of a whiz, but I am very concerned about my friend Henry Vanhellen, dead, age 10, April 24, 1852. He's all alone off by himself in the cemetery near my house. His stone is right along the ravine where I walk lest you think I've been spending too much time trying to commune with the spirits. He does not appear on census records and his age is listed incorrectly in the cemetery records. So, I've taken it upon myself to find this boy and I'll keep you posted on Henry.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Oooh...this is indeed intriguing! Here is who I imagine Henry to be - the dancing fool who invaded your body the moment the CEO asked you to dance! See - it't not YOU that is the klutz, it's that damn Henry playing 10 year old pranks! Sheesh!

Good to have you back blogging!

JBA said...

Hey there Audrey, hope all is well in your part of the world.

You may be right, I am probably possessed!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

It's been quiet here too. I think (hope) everyone has moved away or something.

I love genealogy research. I hope you find more about the little boy and can put it here. The little guy deserves a history. God bless you for that.

PS: Also take a pic of his tombstone and put it at FindAGrave ( Someone may come forward and say "that's my family ..." and can help too. I'm a contributor there and help others with their research. Good luck!!

JBA said...

OOOO, that's a great idea. I will get a picture. Very smart you are Sparky!

Pearl said...

I'm intrigued. Who was Henry Vanhellen?