Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu & My Offer to You

First,let me say that I have closely followed the updates from the CDC, my local Health Department, the hospital and the tabloids. I have hung upon every word spoken by Anderson Cooper, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric. It's times like these that people have to come together to help one another- be there for a neighbor, with offers of assistance.


What, you say? How can this be that this person, will be there for me, in my hour of need? Well, hold on tight.

Anderson, Diane and Katie have all told me (they speak to me directly through the TV) that this flu bug cannot be acquired from pork products. This is good news for "The Other White Meat" and pig farmers everywhere. OK, but aren't you just a little fearful of that slab of back bacon in your refrigerator's meat drawer? Do you run in fear when rounding the grocery aisle where the bacon sits, menacingly in the case? Wouldn't you feel so much better knowing that someone was keeping an eye on your bacon during this crisis, protecting you from it, just in case?


Send me your bacon bits, your back bacon, your hickory smoked slices. Send it all. I will watch over it for you until we have the "all clear" from Anderson, Katie, Diane and the Weekly World News.

Now for the fine print.... I hereby do agree to take custody of your bacon. I cannot, however, guarantee that it will ever be returned to you in any form fit for human consumption. Your bacon will become a topping for my salads and a close friend of my eggs (over easy if you please).

I live to serve.


willow said...

Cute post. I'm a bacon lover, too, and not the turkey kind, either.

Audrey said...

Oh my, the sacrifices you make! I am in awe! But what would REALLY help me with the swine flu, would be to have Anderson as my personal caregiver! (The rumors are untrue, aren't they? He is too good looking! He CAN'T be gay!)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Um, I'll be happy to help with the, uh, 'redistribution of wealth', I mean, 'health' by recycling the bacon. [wink][wink]

LOL!!! You Go Girl! :o)

Becky said...

And so apropos for my Wednesday morning breakfast with the girls where we all get bacon and eggs!
Thank you for today's laugh!

JBA said...

Willow: I agree, turkey bacon is fake, fake, fake.

Audrey: My big problem with Anderson is that he's like 4 feet tall. I'd be about 2 feet taller than him. And, alas, I heard the same rumor.

Sparky, you're on. I would love to share my bacon stash with you.

Becky: Where did you say you have breakfast?!?!? ;)

MuseSwings said...

Nice try, but you are talking to the Bacon Queen here. (note to self BLTs for dinner)I'll be happy to send along any chitlin's that happen to make their way to my property.