Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas is... Stomach Flu?

We made our annual trek to the Toledo Metroparks Manor House Christmas display this week. A&P have a lot of great memories since they've been going to the Manor House to see the decorations from the time when they could barely walk. The house has a bowling alley in the basement and an awesome train set they set up for the holiday. There's a secret staircase to the attic that is decorated with mini battery powered skiers navigating the descent.

The master bath of the Manor House is always a treat- Santa is usually in the bathtub. The docent enforced path in the house leads visitors through the dressing closet and into the white, marble bathroom. This year, there were a lot of folks so we were in a small traffic jam moving our way into the dressing closet, but we knew what awaited us, just steps away, in the bathroom. We were rounding the corner when the family in front of us started acting erratically and saying things about their daughter like:

"What's wrong with her face?" "Did she swallow a bulb?"
"Why does she look like that?"

Well, she looked like that right before throwing up all over the pristine white marble tile- smack-dab in front of the Santa bubble bathtub extravaganza we've been waiting a year to see. We waited a few more minutes, in disbelief, and then realized there was no way we'd be going into that bathroom this year.

Henceforth we will remember A&P, in their stocking caps, barely tall enough to look at the trains. And as an added bonus, with us forever, is Suzy Stomach Flu, who kept us from leering at Santa in the bathtub.