Monday, December 8, 2008

If you could GO anywhere, where would you GO?

If someone handed me a plane ticket, or even the keys to a rental car, I'd throw my family in (or on the plane) and head to Montana. Right before Christmas this might appear that I'm begging, I'm not, just being wishful and somewhat wistful.

The Glacier Park people have my email address from reservations made last summer. (Feels like a decade ago) When the emails come, I stop and wish for a few minutes that I am not sitting in an office up to my neck in projects, but instead with a bandanna around my neck whacking at giant mosquitoes and telling my kids to hurry up so the bears don't eat them for a mid-day snack. (I'm not thinking that an 11 year that eats only fruit snacks and pop tarts is particularly tasty however).

So here's Avalanche Creek...

Water filled with glacial detrious and as blue as anything you have ever seen. It's not quiet with the rushing water, but it works like noise cancellation headphones- it's hard to think about anything else.

So, TODAY if money was no object and you had nothing else to do- no laundry, no school projects to help with (so much that they feel like yours) and no concern about showing up at work- where would YOU go?

A quick update: KURT emailed and said he is going to live. AND Tim left me the last cup of coffee. Now that's LOVE.

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