Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Extra Kid; 2+1=3

A&P have had a friend over for the last 24 hours or so- I don't think he'd leave without encouragement so I've dropped the temperature on the thermostat and we've strategically run out of food.

Truly, it's fine. My kids tend to be less problematic when someone else is around. I was smart enough to remove the Nerf dart guns before the friend arrived since I tend to be the favorite target. Nothing like a Nerf dart in the eye to motivate hiding a toy.

They've been playing XBox for hours... I know sometime one of them will need a thumb joint replacement, or a brain transplant.

Medically speaking, we did have an injury here two nights ago when Andrew decided he desperately needed cookies at about 10pm. He was navigating the house barefoot, which shouldn't be an issue unless you're clumsy and manage to wrap your toes around a door into the dining room.

Rather than fall to the floor dramatically, he ran around the house screaming to make sure we understood the magnitude of the abrasion. It was all pretty terrible and then we realized he had a large cut between his toes that was bleeding profusely and in his injured wanderings he had left quite a trail on all the white carpet in 3 different rooms. BONUS. I can't figure out why he stayed off of the kitchen floor.

Anyway, he's really fine with his toes taped together. He walks through the house with a Ka-Thump that just scared me- he sounds like a pirate with a peg leg coming through the house. Not a lot of pirates in Perrysburg this time of year.

I should probably feed these children. I'm so inspired by the bacon responses below...
Happy New Year's Eve!


Cynthia said...

I hope your toe-taped priate is fine- as well as your white carpet. Maybe, there's another reason they call giving important guest the red carpet treatment? No I don't mean to get morose. Happy New Year!

JBA said...

Funny you should say that. I had visions of the people from 20/20 coming in here with one of their "blue lights" and hauling us all off to jail!

I always say though, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, er, a toe....