Thursday, December 18, 2008


Andrew and I are CRAMMED in the chair watching the news. It's going to snow tomorrow and maybe some ice. A&P are placing bets that school will be cancelled and they'll be hitting the sledding hill.

Anyway, the picture is an overturned tree missing the dirt. An entangled mess to be sure, but still a foundation that worked for a that tree for a while. Watching the news everyday- my assistant's husband laid off for from his Chrysler plant until late January- it makes us focus on what we can control. Not very much to be sure, but family, living within our means and behaving ourselves certainly tops the list. Could someone deliver that message to Wall Street? Getting back to the basics...

Give to the food bank.
Write a check for the homeless shelter.
Volunteer to read a book or deliver a meal for Mobile Meals.
Buy gas for the person next to you at the pump.
Put money in the kettle.
Clean out your closet and give it away.

We don't control the economy, our children, gas prices,interest rates or the crazy people pillaging our retirement accounts. But, we can control what we give to our community and whether or not we take care of each other not just physically but also spiritually.

We'll get through this mess if we stick to what matters. Can someone figure out how to re-establish the roots?


Anonymous said...


Great photo to match your words.


Dave said...

looks like an ent had a bad day, yes?

JBA said...

It certainly does. My husband is a major LOTR fan and he helped remind me of the official name of the trees. Thanks for visiting and for your comment on my picture!