Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Totally Under Control & A Birthday for My Mom

We are totally under control. The shopping is NOT done and the cards are NOT sent, but...

We wait for Santa (Andrew made this very cool one in school last year)...

And we get ready for a few parties and then we'll make some cookies and eat the dough.

And I'll try to tie some bows and fail miserably, as usual.

One more thing, the 18th is my mom's birthday. So, if we were together this is what we'd do...

- Sleep late because that is a good thing to do, any day, no matter what.

- Go to breakfast and I'd drink lots of coffee. She would restrain herself.

- We could shop for some bargains. But we'd only buy stuff we NEEDED because otherwise, it's not a bargain.

- We would get some lunch- just a cup of soup and a Diet Coke, because we'd still be full from breakfast.

- We could shop some more, or maybe sit at home and look at the river and read a book or take a nap, but we'd really just be resting our eyes.

- Then we could have some dinner and some cake and ice cream with Dad and Matthew and Adam and all the crew of sisters in law and cousins and grandchildren and friends.

- And we'd have champagne. Everything is better with champagne.

-Maybe the cake would be a surprise because she would say she didn't need one, but we would decide differently. I think a white cake with fancy frosting and some raspberry jelly. It would be a FANCY cake indeed. Definitely not a PLAIN cake.

-We would only put a few candles on- no need to discuss age. Really- because what goes around, comes around.

- Then she would open all of her presents and the phone would ring when her friends from Australia (a day late for them) would call. It would be the right day when Wisconsin folks would call. They would probably sing because those are happy folks up there.

-We would be pretty tired after all of that celebrating, so we'd probably have Dad get us some Bailey's and we'd sip that until bedtime.

Now that would be a good birthday for my Mom and me.

Love You, Always and Forever


Anonymous said...

That is some terrific birthday celebration for your Mom. I wish you all could be here to do that. Maybe next year we can arrange another surprise party for her.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time to me....I
would like a day like that! I'm counting on that "fancy" cake!! It has been a wonderful day today. Thanks for the blog, dear daughter.

Love ya, Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up on this Jennifer blog business because you started it when it was the busy time of the year... and other excuses. Also, I'm hanging out with men who are watching football and I prefer paying attention to other things.

So I think aunts are part of this imaginary birthday, too. They show up in time for the cake and Bailey's. They don't do Diet Coke. They bring presents and sing off key. They look in at the sleeping children and then disappear and go back home before they cause too much trouble. But they might get in a game of Farkle first.